Our directions

Lobby and advocacy

We advocate at European level towards a more inclusive and digital Europe for the young people.

Networking and cooperation

We connect with relevant stakeholders across Europe: companies, public institutions, NGOs, media and academia.


Together with our members we craft powerful messages on key topics to reach young Europeans.

Training programmes

We develop youth centered training courses aimed to develop the skills and build new ones.

Recent work

European Digital Youth Summit - EDYS 2016

We adopted EQYP standard of quality for PRISMA Network activities

Ameuzing experience

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our team

We believe passion is essential to what we do and who we are. We genuinely care about our team, our members and are building a cooperation that inspires people to do great things together.

latest news

Mini grants to support coding events

Are you a charitable organisation that would like to organise a digital/coding event for young people between ages 8 and 24 within EU Code Week?

Whether it’s a workshop, hackathon or another format – there are no limits on how to structure your event. You can receive up to 500 EUR mini-grant to turn your ideas into reality. 

The Second Europe-Western Balkans Youth Meeting

The Second Europe-Western Balkans Youth Meeting took place in Podgorica, Montenegro, between the 23rd and the 25th of May 2018, just 1 day after the new #YouthStrategy was adopted at European level, on the 22nd of May, and just 6 days after the Sofia Declaration, where EU leaders reaffirmed their unequivocal support for the European perspective of the Western Balkans.

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Have your voice heard

By sharing ideas we can make our voice stronger. We value your opinion and we kindly invite you to express your remarks, suggestions, questions or contributions. We commit to get back to you at our earliest convenience.


Bucharest, Romania


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Our member organisation

Group of the European Youth for Change (GEYC)


Group of the European Youth for Change – GEYC is a Romanian youth non profit organisation active at International level aiming to empower young people to change their communities. It is mainly focused on capacity building in the digital field and on education. GEYC is the initiator of European Digital Youth Summit – EDYS and GEYC Resources Center.

Kharkiv Association for active youth "Stella" (NGO Stella)


Kharkiv non-governmental association for active youth “Stella”is a youth non-profit organization of Ukrainian active young people, students, volunteers and alumni of international exchange programs working and living in Kharkiv. Kharkiv NGO Stella sees its main mission in the building of more tolerant, understanding and accepting society in Ukraine.

NGO Education Without Boundaries (EWB)

Non-Governmental Organization „Education without Boundaries“ was founded in 2002.

Its main focus is to organize sustainable education for people of various ages.

Youthfully Yours Gr (YYGR)


Youthfully Yours GR is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
on European Activity Level, interested in Arts, Enviroment, Democracy, Volunteering, European and Balcan culture as well as urban and regional activities.

YYGR promotes friendship, peace, respect for human rights, anti-racism actions and movements.

Euro-Caucasian Youth Network (ECYON)


The European Cooperative Youth Network (ECYON) is a new and growing community of individuals and organizations that are engaged in intercultural youth work in Europe. 

The members of our community cooperate with each other through international projects. We mainly focus on human rights and intercultural dialogue within Europe. 

NGO Linking Europe (Linking Europe)


Linking Europe brings together European youths through international exchanges that improve their mutual understanding and intercultural awareness, and result in durable grassroots communication channels. We are a platform that facilitates the empowerment of a new generation of European youths and advocates a more socially integrated and democratic European society.

Asociatia Obsteasca INVENTO (Invento)


INVENTO was founded in 2011, as a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Ialoveni, Moldova. Our goal is to contribute the social and economical development of the country by approaching some topics as: entrepreneurship, leadership, empowerment of young people, gender equality, inclusion of youth with few opportunities. 

Federatia SHARE Cluj-Napoca (SHARE)


Cluj-Napoca is the European Youth Capital in 2015. The program’s mission is to support youngsters and youth organizations in their active participation in changing the society through a sustainable, responsible and inclusive urban development process. Through sharing space, culture, power, work, joy, faith, vision and common European values, by approaching topics like youth responsibility and structured dialogue during one year program.