Our Members


Social Youth Development http://ngokane.org/

Social Youth Development, KANE, is a non-profit organization situated in Kalamata, Greece.  Its vision is to foster youth motivation in order to take initiatives and become more active citizens. 

Since: 2008
Members: 6-10

Las Niñas del Tul

Asociación Las Niñas del Tul http://lasdeltul.net

Las Niñas del Tul an organization with extensive experience in international and youth work. We use the methodology of non-formal education in our work to foster young people to be active, responsible, enterprising individuals by immersing them in real learning experiences, where they can plan and manage projects, adapt to changes, deal with risk, and acquire problem-solving skills. 

Since: 2004
Members: 1-5


Association for Education POPEDU

POPEDU aims to bring educational opportunities and career prospects closer to youth and thereby to motivate them to become active and empowered in their society. POPEDU has a focus on digital, entrepreneurship and social impact.

Since: 2015
Members: 1-5


Association of Young Professionals for Improvements

AYPI - Association of Young Professional for Improvements is a Bulgarian NGO whose mission is to empower young people to change their community, through self- developing, education and volunteering.

Since: ?
Members: 1-5

European Dialogue

Európsky Dialóg http://europskydialog.eu

European Dialogue is aiming to create an educational platform, to inform about EU affairs and about opportunities for citizens of the Slovak Republic, mainly for the youth. Its goal is to mobilize active pro-European thinking people, to be active in the EU policies and promote sense of initiative, anti discrimination, integration and peaceful coexistence of all.

Since: 2012
Members: 6-10

Marketing Gate

Association for research, education and development „Marketing Gate“ http://www.marketinggate.org/

“Marketing Gate” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded on July 2, 2008. Its vision is a world without economic borders, where the human right will be protected and any kind of discrimination will be eliminated.

Since: 2008
Members: 11-20
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Youth Dynamics

Youth Dynamics Cyprus https://www.instagram.com/youthdynamicscy

Youth Dynamics is an informal group founded in 2011, established to empower young people of Cyprus to broaden their minds and horizons.

Since: 2011
Members: 6-10

Beyond Borders

Associazione Culturale Beyond Borders Corato http://associazionebeyondborders.blogspot.com/

Beyond Borders is a cultural association legally founded in July 2014 in Corato, Apulia, a region in Southern Italy. The aim of the organization is to spread culture and foreign cultures among youngsters, allowing them to go beyond their cultural, mental, and geographical limits. The team of the organization is composed of young people, who are the decision maker of the objectives and activities of the organization.

Since: 2014
Members: 6-10


Prisms https://www.prismsmalta.com

Prisms aims to empower young people with the skills, tools, information and values necessary for personal growth and to be an active participant within society. PRISMS provides to the necessities of young people through informal and non-formal methods of education so as to reach their needs in a holistic manner.

Since: 2008
Members: 6-10


ASOCIACION MOJO DE CAÑA https://www.mojodecaña.org

Association Mojo de Caña has been founded in 2001, in Santa Brigida municipality (Gran Canaria Island,Spain) and is a Eurodesk member since 2015. It is an awarded association by their National Agency and the Youth in Action programme for best practices.

Since: 2001
Members: 6-10
Santa Brigida, gran canaria


Group of the European Youth for Change http://www.geyc.ro

Group of the European Youth for Change – GEYC is a Romanian youth non profit organisation active at International level aiming to empower young people to change their communities. It is mainly focused on capacity building in the digital field and on education. GEYC is the initiator of European Digital Youth Summit – EDYS and GEYC Resources Center.

Since: 2010
Members: 50+


Geoclube – Associação Juvenil de Ciência, Natureza e Aventura http://www.geoclube.eu

Geoclube is a Youth Association's main objective is to promote the active participation and involvement of young people in the defense of environmental issues, democracy, social inclusion and young entrepreneurship.

Since: 1999
Members: 11-20

Euro-Med EVE France

Association Euro-Méditerranéenne Des Exchanges, Volontariats, Evénements (Euro- Med Eve)

Euro-Med EVE is a non-governmental organization founded in France, which works mainly with young people, youth workers, trainers and volunteers. The NGO promotes youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural learning on European and international level.

Since: ?
Members: 1-5

Active Kids

Fundacja Active Kids

The Active Youth Foundation, even though it was founded at the end of 2017, is very active in the field of social, cultural, ethnic and geographical inclusion It was created on the initiative of youth workers, leaders, educators and local trainers to support, minorities, excluded and less privileged for social, economic and geographic reasons from the areas.

Since: 2017
Members: 1-5


Centrum financni gramotnosti www.cefig.cz

CEFIG is a non-profit organization started in 2012. Since then, it specialises on educating young people. CEFIG itself is a social organisation, employing people with fewer opportunities. All of its activities aim to ensure well-being and good values of people, in order to raise standard of living by educating people on both local and national level.

Since: 2012
Members: 6-10
Czech Republic


Association Strive! http://www.strive.hr

Association Strive! is a non-governmental organization that promotes mobility, unity and non-formal education, through organizing activities for the youth, in order to improve the life of the local community.

Since: 2014
Members: 1-5