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FreeMinds in Action

FreeMinds in Action http://www.freemindsinaction.org/

FreeMinds in Action is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established and working in Italy. Between the main objectives of organization is to raise awareness among Italian youth and civil society. 

The importance of organization for the local community is that it gives to young people a space to socialize, to share their creative  ideas, to develop personally, to become more self-confident and to promote self-manifestation. 

Since: 2014
Members: 21-50
Sicily, Italy

Euro-Med EVE France

Association Euro-Méditerranéenne Des Exchanges, Volontariats, Evénements (Euro- Med Eve)

Euro-Med EVE is a non-governmental organization founded in France, which works mainly with young people, youth workers, trainers and volunteers. The NGO promotes youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural learning on European and international level.

Since: ?
Members: 1-5


Group of the European Youth for Change https://www.geyc.ro/

Group of the European Youth for Change – GEYC is a Romanian youth non profit organisation active at International level aiming to empower young people to change their communities. It is mainly focused on capacity building in the digital field and on education. GEYC is the initiator of European Digital Youth Summit – EDYS and GEYC Resources Center.

Since: 2010
Members: 50+

Youthfully Yours SK

Youthfully Yours SK https://youthfullyyours.sk/en/home-2/

Youthfully Yours SK is a Non-governmental organization located in Eastern part of Slovakia that would like to see in its region Ambitious & Competent young people eager to benefit their community.

​In order to achieve that, They're determined to advance young people's competences, to empower a sense of initiative & social responsibility, and to promote Active citizenshipSocial inclusion & Intercultural dialogue among young people from Eastern Slovakia.

​At the local level, they focus on Youth Empowerment and the Youth's ability to participate actively in society.  ​On the international level, they took part of numerous well-built partnerships and networks supported by different educational programmes and initiatives e.g. Erasmus+, Visegrad fund, European Youth Foundation, European Solidarity Corps.


Since: ?
Members: 21-50
Slovakia, Košice

Speak Up Right

Speak Up Right https://www.instagram.com/speak.up.right/

Our Main goal is to Promote Balance between Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech.

We strive to communicate this goal with the public through our online presence using the subjects we launch to cater our online platforms: LinkedIn and Instagram and through the Offline Participations, Seminars and Workshop we facilitate.

Since: 2019
Members: 6-10
Beirut, Lebanon


ASOCIACION MOJO DE CAÑA https://www.xn--mojodecaa-s6a.org/

Association Mojo de Caña has been founded in 2001, in Santa Brigida municipality (Gran Canaria Island,Spain) and is a Eurodesk member since 2015. It is an awarded association by their National Agency and the Youth in Action programme for best practices.

Since: 2001
Members: 6-10
Santa Brigida, gran canaria


Prisms https://www.prismsmalta.com/

Prisms aims to empower young people with the skills, tools, information and values necessary for personal growth and to be an active participant within society. PRISMS provides to the necessities of young people through informal and non-formal methods of education so as to reach their needs in a holistic manner.

Since: 2008
Members: 6-10

Argus Technology

ARGUS Teknoloji Bilişim Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi https://www.argusteknoloji.com/

Argus Technology is an IT & software company located in the Ankara University Technopolis, Ankara-Turkey. Argus Technology conducts its R&D studies with international projects Worldwide, and local projects throughout Turkey. Apart from being an active SME in the technology sector, Argus has a significant aspect of social responsibility and voluntary work. Argus has a social responsibility team which encourages young people to take part in society more via increasing their leadership skills and entrepreneurship.


Since: 2019
Members: 50+
Ankara, Turkey


Education Without Boundaries

The  NGO EWB aims to advance teachers’ professional development, supporting experience-sharing among teachers from different marzes; to promote citizenship education within the youth encouraging their civic responsibility and engagement. Our NGO operates in all 11 regions of the Republic of Armenia.

Since: 2002
Members: 50+
Yerevan, Armenia

Beyond Borders

Associazione Culturale Beyond Borders Corato http://associazionebeyondborders.blogspot.com/

Beyond Borders is a cultural association legally founded in July 2014 in Corato, Apulia, a region in Southern Italy. The aim of the organization is to spread culture and foreign cultures among youngsters, allowing them to go beyond their cultural, mental, and geographical limits. The team of the organization is composed of young people, who are the decision maker of the objectives and activities of the organization.

Since: 2014
Members: 6-10


ANKA Youth Association http://www.ankayouthngo.org/

ANKA Youth Association was established in 2017 as a youth group with four members and turned into an NGO in 2020 counting now more than 50 members (in 2020). The vision of the group forms around the motto, "We bring the World together." Anka works in the youth field to promote inclusion of young people especially who have fewer opportunities to take an active role in society, communities, and organizations, develop their skills, improve their performance and exchange knowledge in order to face the needs of society and thus effectively contribute to the development of a European field of skills and qualifications. Anka’s goal is to encourage lifelong learning and transnational programs directly targeted at young people and youth workers through non-formal education. The core goal is to create new innovative techniques that will be applied at the level of civil society and therefore lead to social cohesion.

Since: 2017
Members: 50+
Ankara, Turkey


Association of Young Professionals for Improvements

AYPI - Association of Young Professional for Improvements is a Bulgarian NGO whose mission is to empower young people to change their community, through self- developing, education and volunteering.

Since: ?
Members: 1-5


Social Youth Development https://ngokane.org/

Social Youth Development, KANE, is a non-profit organization situated in Kalamata, Greece.  Its vision is to foster youth motivation in order to take initiatives and become more active citizens. 

Since: 2008
Members: 6-10

UP Studio

UP Studio up-studio.net

UP Studio is an Ukrainian private enterprise specialized in a large range of web/mobile applications, CRM, and ERP solutions. 
Since 2016, UP Studio started its social responsibility programme as part of the PRISMA European Network and in this quality, it is providing pro-bono services and advisory in the IT&C field for the network and its members, supporting the youth workers from the other member organizations to develop their activities through the potential of the new media technology.

Since: 2018
Members: 1-5
Kharkiv, Ukraine


Geoclube – Associação Juvenil de Ciência, Natureza e Aventura http://www.geoclube.eu/

Geoclube is a Youth Association's main objective is to promote the active participation and involvement of young people in the defense of environmental issues, democracy, social inclusion and young entrepreneurship.

Since: 1999
Members: 11-20


Association la Voix de l’Enfant Rural http://aver-tunisie.com/

AVER is an NGO established mainly for the empowerment of young people through their involvement in social life as active citizens and leaders within their communities in addition to promoting different forms of cultures and artistic creations. AVER works very closely with young people on issues of youth empowerment, employability and mobility, inclusion of marginalized youth in the society, gender equality, democracy and active citizenship.


Since: 2011
Members: 50+
Medenine, Tunisia

Pi Gençlik Derneği

Pi Youth Association http://www.pigenclikdernegi.org/tr/ana-sayfa/

Pi Youth Association is a youth association that is established to enable young people in Turkey to develop knowledge, skills, positive attitudes and behaviors and also actualizes the decisions taken by European Union, Council of Europe and the United Nations’s in the field of youth. The Association also maintains its activities by taking into consideration the universal sensitivities, global principles and principles in human rights, participation and environment issues. The main mission topic of Pi Youth Association is youth rights and problems.

Since: 2014
Members: 50+
Izmir, Turkey

European Dialogue

Európsky Dialóg http://europskydialog.eu/

European Dialogue is aiming to create an educational platform, to inform about EU affairs and about opportunities for citizens of the Slovak Republic, mainly for the youth. Its goal is to mobilize active pro-European thinking people, to be active in the EU policies and promote sense of initiative, anti discrimination, integration and peaceful coexistence of all.

Since: 2012
Members: 6-10

Udhetimi Lire

Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare http://www.udhetimiilire.com/

The Association "Udhetim i Lire- Liberi di Viaggiare" is focused on tourism, cultural heritage, youth, environment, rural development, good governance, culture, voluntarism, and human rights promotions.

The activities of the Association “Udhetimi i Lire-Liberi di Viaggiare” are implemented in these sectors:

  • Active participation in the local, national and international institutions and authorities for the adaption of the legislative means.
  • Promote the adaption for the politic modernization of the enterprises of this sector.
  • Communicate with the public opinion through all the means of communication and its publications.
  • Collaboration and agreement in national and international levels.


Vision: The creation of bridges in the field of tourism, environment, youth, cultural heritage (culture and art) in the region and beyond. 


Mission: Become a local/national key factor in the tourism, environment and youth sector through the development/promotion of their values to ensure sustainable social/economic development. 

Since: 2015
Members: 50+
Durres, Albania


Association Strive! www.strive.hr

Association Strive! is a non-governmental organization that promotes mobility, unity and non-formal education, through organizing activities for the youth, in order to improve the life of the local community.

Since: 2014
Members: 1-5


Community Development Institute https://irz.org.mk/

The Association Community Development Institute is a national umbrella organisation working on improvement of the living conditions and the standard of life of the citizens. In its work, the CDI offers the possibility for people of different ethnic, social and educational backgrounds to participate in initiatives of their interest important for the community.

The CDI vision is Diverse and harmonious society without prejudices - society of happy citizens. 

Mission of CDI: The Community Development Institute is a sustainable civil society organization that works on building a democratic and multiethnic society through strengthening the capacities of individuals, organizations, and institutions.


Since: 2003
Members: 50+


Backslash http://www.backslash.es/

BACKSLASH is a non-governmental youth organization established in 2014 in Valencia, Spain, which aims at empowering youth and the promotion of social inclusion through assisting young people in acquiring knowledge and developing their skills and competencies.


The mission of BACKSLASH is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights, democratic values, and international cooperation. For this, the organization is divided into the following departments and its key topics:


· Entrepreneurship, on youth entrepreneurship, career orientation, mentoring and active youth participation.

· Social Rights, on social inclusion, gender equality, European citizenship, youth and children’s rights and migrant and refugees.

· Culture, on contemporary culture, cultural democratization, cultural heritage, artistic expression and promotion of young artists

· Environment, on environment protection, sustainability, climate, circular economy and environmental education.


Since: 2015
Members: 50+
Valencia, Spain

Youth Dynamics

Youth Dynamics Cyprus http://www.instagram.com/youthdynamicscy

Youth Dynamics is an informal group founded in 2011, established to empower young people of Cyprus to broaden their minds and horizons.

Since: 2011
Members: 6-10