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The Sustainable NGOs Academy is a set of online training modules that will help you develop and upgrade your green skills and knowledge about environmentally friendly practices, ecological footprint, and climate change.
The modules are being developed in the framework of the Sustainable NGOs project, which is the collaboration of international partners from Slovenia, Romania, and Spain, implemented and funded under the Erasmus+ KA2 programme.

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Contents of the modules (30 h)

  • The current context of sustainability: Explore the influence of EU and UN policies on sustainability and climate change. Dive into Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to understand their scope and implementation. Learn the concepts of carbon and ecological footprint and understand their role in mitigating environmental impacts.
  • Green competencies: Explore the European GreenComp framework and learn how to identify and develop the different competencies in it. Understand the key role that government, schools, media, and NGOs play in the sustainability challenges. Measure your carbon footprint and assess your environmental impact in a practical and meaningful way.
  • Green good practices: Learn about real experiences that develop sustainable alternatives in many areas. Understand the importance of the three key pillars of the concept of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Carry out practices that encourage reflection and the application of these concepts according to the needs and particularities of your context.
  • Youth involvement in green causes: Reflect on the situation in your community and how youth are involved in causes related to sustainability. Library: Access relevant literature on youth and sustainability, as well as environmental practices in youth organisations. This information will enable you to improve your skills and actions in this field.
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