Consultative Meeting "Intercultural Learning in the educational approaches and practices of the European Youth Centre"


The consultative meeting sets out to discover and analyse different phases of the discourse on intercultural learning and non-formal education and the development of related educational practices in the past years till today, considering milestones such as the international youth year, the All different-All equal campaign, the Human Rights Education Youth Programme and the programme of study sessions organised at the European Youth Centre within. 

By discussing various approaches and understandings of intercultural learning in non-formal education today, the consultative meeting should lead to a synchronisation about the relevance and understanding of intercultural learning today and result in the identification of areas for further exploration, research and exchange.

One of the topics raised by Gabriel Brezoiu was the multi-participants also known as "serial participants".

The research shows that for the serial participants, the impact is less and less significant even though each project brings an added value. Therefore, the more experienced you become, you can assume new roles as group leader, organizer, facilitator or trainer.

A good practice implemented by GEYC - Group of the European Youth for Change, is giving priority in youth exchanges to new comers (#MyFirstTimeEPlus) - and somehow, this could be their entry in the programme. 


The Consultative Meeting on "Intercultural Learning and educational approaches and practices of the European Youth Centre" brought together academics and practitioners to find common ground and differences in how to define, approach and integrate intercultural learning into our educational activities.