Master Academy is inviting you to Human Potential Development Essentials Course.

It’s a 3-day Course with a Free Introductory Event where you can develop and acquire new skills and make the most of this critical phase we’re going through.


A- Free Introductory Evening to: Human Potential Development Essentials Course



There are two main goals of this event:

First, to give away ideas how to reignite life in the present world situation. To help the participants to find energy, reason and way to motivate themselves.

The second is, that this event is designed to make you comfortable with the online training format, to prove it is possible to have a quality experience with a large group online.


Quick Tips:

  1. Please install and register in ZOOM to attend the event (
  2. Log in earlier to check audio and camera
  3. Make sure you have privacy for the time of the event 7 pm – 9:30 pm (EEST) 9.06.2020


About the event:

The presentation of the facilitator will cover what is the most important thing we could do to move forward in the COVID19 times and after. We will do personal development exercises and most of all, we will have fun.

The event is free, we will collect e-mails and will invite you to our Essential Course. However, this is not a marketing event and focus will be on value, not on selling.

Register for FREE for the Intro Event:


B- Now Let’s Dig Deeper in the details of the 3-day Course

You have the opportunity to change everything...


Opportunity of growth, of a better life, of understanding, of achievement in professional and personal life, clarity, and lasting change, new possibilities and much, much more.

This event is specially designed to bring an offline value to an online event and is an experiential learning process.

Because of the COVID19 impact and in the threat of financial collapse, in times when local governments close borders, we decided to make a bold move and try to give an online experience of a training, full of content and usefulness that could positively impact people and help them reignite their lives.

We promise we will do our best for people to have the offline experience and get the value out of this!

The present situation in Bulgaria forced us at Master Academy to seek online solutions. We were aware that we live in digital times but we were surprised to discover how well developed and diverse software solutions were.

Therefore, we decided to go couple of steps further and create an international event in English to be of use of as many people as possible internationally!

So, we are inviting you to an international 3-day online self-development training program!

An opportunity to thrive, to create change in areas you want, to connect with people from different countries, to work on yourself and your life, to get direction and to boost your energy.


Event’s Details

From Friday 12/06/2020 (6:00 PM) – Sunday 14/06/2020 (8:00 PM)

This is a psychological training trying to move the large group experience and value online.

The language of the course will be English.


Schedules, times and important stuff

We start on Friday at 6 pm EEST and finish around 10 pm

Saturday and Sunday we start from 9 am and in the evenings we will finish approximately around 9 pm.

The ending times are approximate.

The participants are strongly encouraged to please stay online during all the training hours.

Get the chance to have a Free introductory Event: The Way Forward - 09.06.2020 (7 pm to 9 pm EEST)


Admission Fees:




More information & Registration:




More about the Academy:

Master Academy Ltd. was found in 2011 with the mission to make accessible and useful trainings, both for companies and general public, in the field of human development and soft skills that help in human potential development.

We have done psychological trainings, staff assessment centres,  presentation skills trainings, communication skills and sales trainings, trainings for trainers for internal needs of various companies, workshops for mentors, schools for leadership and motivation, as well as many events for building community spirit and team integration.

Our history also includes several general public formats of training events, such as psychological training, a comprehensive one-month course on presentation skills, entertainment events strongly related to presentation skills such as “Master of Words” and “University of Success”.

Also, we have good practice for business coaching and consulting (in the field of communications, processes, presentation skills and business development) at different stages of projects, building companies and products: from the level of ordinary employees and contractors to the level of C-level management.

In creating our trainings, we have always been guided by practical criteria and how applicable and useful the transferred skills are for the trainees in their life and work.

More info about the Academy: