Most of us probably are familiar that at the end of 2020, the European Youth Programmes such as Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps have ended and now the European Commission is working on the new ones. There are already the first signals:

  • the first call expected to be launched at the end of March 2021;
  • the programme might be adopted in May 2021;
  • the first deadline might be in May 2021;

New programmes - new types of actions

A few weeks ago, PRISMA European Network published a complex analysis of the new European Youth Programmes based on the documents adopted by the European Parliament. Learn more ... 

An early application deadline will be set up

Much is still open at the moment. The two program manuals with the binding guidelines will also be available in March at the earliest.

We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the new programs, goals and guidelines and want to plan and start projects with the necessary planning security.

It is therefore important to us to point out that there will be an application option BEFORE the actual official program decision. This possibility is likely to be linked to a so-called call for projects, which could be published by the EU Commission at the end of March, combined with a deadline for submitting your project applications until the beginning of May.

In these times, this is a positive signal with the restriction that you have to get your project application off the ground at relatively short notice.

Source & find out more: Jugend fur Europa (German National Agency)