Staying at home was no longer an issue from now on!

GEYC organized their first webinar “Erasmus + Virtual Café” on Sunday April 5. 2020 from 11:00 till 11:40 pm (GMT+3) where Diana Lonita, Educational Manager at GEYC provided the attendees with several momentary alternatives for the Erasmus+ Physical exchanges and presented several courses, debates, social circles and trainings to attend in order to make the best out of this Lockdown!

Diana, explained the difference between each one of the means leading the attendees to take the best option according to their own availability.

Interested already? Well have a look on all the below topics!






Open Courses

Youth, Peace & Security

April 13 - May 7

April 5. 2020


Countering Hate Speech

May 18 - June 19

May 10. 2020


Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective

May 25 - June 24

May 17. 2020


Social Circles (2 weeks online exchange, 2 live sessions)

What does solidarity mean in the current global crisis?


May 4- May 15

April 19. 2020

What is the role of youth in taking action against climate change?


June 1- June 12

May 17. 2020

How to balance local culture and globalization?


August 3- August 14

July 19. 2020

For Educators

Basic Training for developing Transnational Virtual Exchange Projects

May 10 to June 7. 2020

Online Debating

English Debates

July 10, 11, 17 and 18 2020

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