Congratulations Mojo de Caña ! Early on this week, PRISMA’s member from the Canary Islands was awarded two prizes from the Jury of the Festival Joves de Cortos. 

With their flagship program, Embárriate, the organization participated in April in a Festival that gathered 23 competitors! 

Organized by the Granada Provincial Council, Festival Joven de Cortos is a Youth Short Film Festival part of the institution’s addiction prevention policy. The initiative intends on encouraging the participation of young people, enabling them to get involved in the realization of a film reflecting the realities of drug addiction and other addictions, in Granada.



Mojo de Caña competed with a short film entitled Desconectad. Realized by the young beneficiaries of the Embárrriate program, it depicts the realities of addictions to social networks and new technologies. Their impactful production convinced both the audience and the Jury of the Festival. Indeed, Desconectad was awarded the First Prize of the Audience and the Second Prize of the Jury! 

Prisma European Network congratulates the young participants, as well as Embárriate’s street workers and volunteers for a movie shedding light on a social issue exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns.

Embárriate is a prevention program aiming to dynamize eight municipalities. Ninety workers and volunteers are providing street education empowering 2674 beneficiaries. The objective of Embárriate is to support young people living in fragile communities with training and quality education so that they can fully participate in the social and cultural life of their neighborhood or community. 

PRISMA wishes Mojo de Caña many more successes!

Visit the website of the Program and send your congratulations to Mojo de Canña and Desconectad’s team on their social media channels