Today, September 15, #eqypEU team have celebrated International Day of Democracy by meeting with Mrs. President of Union of School Centers Union of Legal Entities and also, a member of General Assembly of Republic of Armenia, Ruzanna Muradyan.

Day has started with the visit of our NGO member representatives [GEYC, Education without Boundaries, Union of School Centers Union of Legal Entities, INVENTO, Youthfully Yours, Stella] to Tsisternakaberd Memorial Complex of the Armenian Genocide, where participants had the chance to learn more about Armenian History and their steps towards freedom and democracy.

We have continued with an official visit to General Assembly of Republic of Armenia, were we had the chance to meet also with Mrs Vice President, Hermine Naghdalyan, where she emphasized:

"EQYP is an important signal in terms of exchange of experience between the implementation of qualitative educational programs for young people." - Mrs Vice President of General Assembly of Republic of Armenia , Hermine Naghdalyan

The participants have emphasized the rise of the education quality in different countries as one of the main steps in achieving the development of democracy.

After this promising meeting, we continued our journey at Armenian Pedagogical University where our General Manager, Gabriel Brezoiu, has presented EQYP Standard of quality in the front of 80 best principals from all around Armenia.

"We can have miracles, but we can not have miracles everyday." - Mr. General Manager of GEYC and PRISMA European Network, Gabriel Brezoiu

More information about EQYP here.