Prisma European Network, together with the Group of the European Youth for Change, nominates Constantin-Alexandru Manda for a seat in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.

The Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ) is the non-governmental partner in the co-management structure which establishes the standards and work priorities of the Council of Europe’s youth sector and makes recommendations for future priorities, programmes and budgets.

It is made up of 30 representatives from youth NGOs and networks in Europe and its main task is to advise the Committee of Ministers on all questions relating to youth. Specifically, the Advisory Council helps to ensure youth policies are mainstreamed into the Council of Europe's programme of activities by providing opinions and proposals to all of the Organisation's bodies. It also ensures that young people are involved in other activities of the Council of Europe and promotes the policies beyond the Organisation.

At 22 years old, Constantin-Alexandru is a young Romanian leader for social impact, engaged for fair access to quality education in the European Union. He started his career as an activist at only 14 years old when he founded the Constanta’s School Student’s Association. As its President, he became one of the most committed young leaders in Romania, representing the rights of students. In 2020, he was one of the 10 promising GEYC Community members included in the #GEYC10changemakers ranking. Meet Constantin-Alexandru: in February, he shared his insights on the education system’s current challenges, the necessity to invest in digital skills, and his projects for the future during an interview for Prisma European Network.

Nominated for the prize of the Young European of the Year 2021 by PRISMA and GEYC, he was chosen as the winner in March by the Schwarzkopf Foundation for his outstanding achievements in defending youth rights. Listen to his conversation with PRISMA’s President, Gabriel Brezoiu.

As a member of the Advisory Council on Youth, Constantin-Alexandru's priorities are: 

  • Revitalising pluralistic democracy

Youth organisations and member States have increased their capacity to develop youth policy and youth work for the democratic participation of young people.

  • Young people’s access to rights

Young people and youth organisations have increased their capacity to access their rights and advocate for human rights and citizenship education.

  • Living together in peaceful and inclusive societies

Youth workers and young people have gained knowledge and skills to work on peace-building and intercultural dialogue to prevent and combat discrimination, exclusion and violent extremism.

  • Youth work

Youth organisations and member states have increased their capacity to strengthen, recognise and advance youth work policies and practices, notably through a European youth work agenda.