WorkQUAholics Seminar


From July 19 to July 27, 2023, the #WorkQUAholics Seminar took place, representing a remarkable effort in the realm of youth development. Situated in the picturesque city of Grudziądz, Poland, this transformative event organized by GEYC, Romania and co-organized by EuroMuevete, Spain has left a lasting impact on its participants and the broader field of project management in youth initiatives. Serving as a forum for professional advancement and global engagement, the seminar was tailored to a group of individuals aged 18 and above, possessing substantial experience in youth work and strong affiliations with respective sending organizations. 

Partner Organizations: Association GEYC, Active Green Solution, Associação Inspira! – Intervenção juvenil e ambiental, Asociación EuroMuévete, Pi Gençlik Derneği, Association RESOPA, EUROPEAN CULTURAL EPICENTER Bitola, Instytut Przeciwdziałania Wykluczeniom, UmanaMente - APS, ANTALYA SERIK KIZ ANADOLU IMAM HATIP LISESI, Prisms Malta, Zarika Association. 

The seminar marked an initiative aimed at enhancing project management capabilities and fostering intercultural collaboration – an essential link in the world of youth development. The activities sparked transformation through advanced project management methodologies, equipping participants with insights into crafting robust project plans, setting pragmatic timelines, and judiciously allocating resources. Furthermore, the seminar illuminated the transformative potential of digital tools, underscoring their capacity to revolutionize communication dynamics and enhance team efficacy. 

The international dimension of the #WorkQUAholics Seminar created a suitable framework for collaboration among diverse organizations, encouraging intercultural synergies. The impact of this seminar reverberates in the efforts of its participants, driving positive change within their communities and contributing to the broader landscape of youth development by solidifying project management skills and intercultural competencies.