Prisma European Network : Internal Members Meeting


Prisma European Network held its first internal meeting Tuesday May 19. 2020 at 5:00 GMT in the presence of 9 members: GEYC (Romania), Geoclube (Portugal), Speak up Right (Lebanon), Argus Technology (Turkey), ANKA (Turkey), Freeminds in Action (Italy), Euromed France (France) and Prisms Malta (Malta) and PI Youth Association (Turkey).


We had the pleasure to discuss the field of work of each organization with a glimpse of their plans for the near future.

Several topics were covered in the event:

1) Prisma’s Core Directions: Lobby & Advocacy, Networking & Cooperation, Raising Awareness and Training Programs.


2) Internal interconnectivity facilities Prisma Network is offering for its members to communication in an effective and optimal way.

3) The Networking channels presented by Prisma in order to create good opportunities for its members to feel supported and well informed: Social Media Platforms and Website…

A Brainstorming session was held during this event in order to see how Prisma members can support each other and make the most out of their collaborations.


Prisma European Network Launched an Internal Challenge exclusively for Prisma Members called: “Member of the Month Challenge”starting June 2020 lasting till August 2020

Member of the Month will benefit from further exposure on all Prisma European Network Online Channels and a special highlight on all it’s current and near future activities.

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