P-CUBE- an educational digital game


P-CUBE – The Game of Public Policies, or Il Gioco Delle Politiche Pubbliche, as it is called in Italian, is an educational digital game, that aims to make education easier and more engaging. The project was founded by the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and is supported by the European Commission.

Why a game for educational purposes?

People are more prone to understand and afterwards remember something they have learned whilst playing, Hence, the project focuses on 4 main pillars that it wishes to educate the players on. Those pillars are:

  • Urban innovation
  • Social innovation and inclusion
  • Science and public policy
  • EU decision making

The game hopes to reach and teach various target groups, amongst which, but not limited to are students. As for the impact it’ll have, the game will help people get better acquainted with the complexities of public policy making, its core focus, and present them with ways to overcome possible emerging bottlenecks that prevent current governance systems from approaching issues of collective importance.

ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy has held a couple of pilot test sessions for the P-CUBE project, the latest having taken place in Ireland, Dublin, on the 14th of April.  During each of the said sessions, community sector organisations had the possibility to try out the game and see exactly how it works.

Additionally, the founders have also held 4 online seminars that aimed to try out and further discuss each of the modules of the game (see the pillars). The webinars’ schedule was as follows: on the 21st of April, the session on urban innovation, on the 27th of April, the session on EU decision making. The last two of the webinars took place during the first week of May, with the session on science and public policy being held on the 4th and the webinar on social innovation and inclusion, on the 5th.

After all of the testing spaces, the founding organization is planning to hold the P-CUBE final conference on the 7th of June in Bruxelles, Belgium, from 16:00 pm

The project has started back in 2020 and is expected to end in 2023.

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