Meet our MAGNA cum LAUDE NMAs


Step by step, task by task, day by day and week by week, our NMAs have gained a lot of skills, competences and abilities, which stand as a well deserved recommendation for their future plans and projects.


As the points were very tight and our participants were very competitive and dedicated, we have decided that this year, the first 3 persons will be rewarded with MAGNA cum LAUDE title, even though a lot of them were really deserving.


So, let's give a storm of applause and a hurricane of compliments to our dedicated NMAs:


Jasna Vejić - 68.51 pts


Andri Pandouras - 65.98 pts


Maria Mădălina Ifrim - 65.23 pts


As you can see below, only some percentiles have divided Nicoleta Banu, Evgenija Trajkoska and Andreea Moise from winning the title.


Nevertheless, all of our NMAs have succeded to impress us every week of this internship with their amazing job and their approach of a true New Media Ambassador. Now it is time for them to spread their wings and fly further, to the next level, as for many of them NMA has meant:


”N - for new skills I've gained,
 M - for many, many tools I learned how to use, and
 A - for all the awesome people I've met and worked with!
This truly was a valuable experience, filled with learning, creating and sharing. I would recommend it to everyone!” - Jasna Vejić, MAGNA cum LAUDE NMA, 8th Edition

Our story has not ended. We will continue it by being what we know better: New Media Ambassadors. We will spread all we have learned with other people and we will make a change. 


How is it possible?