Global Stakeholders' Dialogue on the future of Internet Governance


Over the last 40 years, the Internet has become a common good for humankind.

The upcoming developments and the current global COVID-19 crisis bring an astonishing range of opportunities and challenges for industries, governments, civil society, and every human being.

It is therefore increasingly urgent that we, the people, make our voices and perspectives heard regarding the next steps for this incredible technology. 

June 2020 – Stakeholders’ Dialogue 

On June 5th and 6th, stakeholders worldwide discussed the future of Internet governance. How should we shape the future of digital cooperation? Who should decide how to leverage the opportunities brought by the use of digital technologies and mitigate the risks they involve? The Stakeholders’ Dialogue aimed to evaluate the three scenarios for the future of Internet governance proposed in the Report from the “High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation”. Results will feed the process of the High Level Panel, which is overseen by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres


A Citizens' dialogue - how does it work? 

OrganizerMissions Publiques is a high-impact social entrepreneur whose mission is to bring the voice of ordinary citizens into local and international discussions through the organization of citizens’ dialogues.

Gabriel Brezoiu - General Manager of GEYC Romania, Member of Prisma European Network, took part in the event and raised the importance of an equal voice between the policymakers, tech specialists, and the community (civil society and citizens).