The Game On, Young Europeans! workshop reached its conclusion on Friday, May 14, 2021. The project was organized, developed and supervised by our colleagues, Filippo Zattin and Jade Andrzejewski, trainees at GEYC - Group of European Youth for Change and Prisma European Network.

The Workshop has been designed to celebrate Europe Day, on May 9th, and introduce Romanian high-school students (17-19 y) to the European decision-making process, its institutions as well as the project-designing methodology in an interactive and innovative configuration that developed crucial skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking proficiency, that are essential to citizens engaged in their political community.

Four classes from four schools participated:

  • Liceul Tehnologic Energetic of Câmpina led by the professor Simona Boeru
  • Colegiul NaČ›ional “Nicolae Grigorescu” of Câmpina led by professor Georgiana Moldoveanu
  • Colegiul NaČ›ional "Mihai Eminescu" of Suceava led by professor Irina Melisch 
  • Tehnologic High School of Alimentary Industry of Fetesti led by professor Alina Vancea



Students collectively designed their projects and presented them in front of the class with brilliant and impactful speeches. They challenged themselves with innovative activities, aligning their strategies to the European Commission's agenda and to European values. We report below the project ideas that students have submitted to tackle these issues in their communities and at the European or global level: