GABRIEL BREZOIU at the ALF Marathon: "The Beauty of Intercultural Dialogue"



On the 23d of June 2021, Gabriel Brezoiu, the President of Prisma European Network and of the Group of the European Youth for Change attended the Anna Lindh Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed.

The ALF Virtual Marathon was introduced by Aissam Benaissa as a debate platform designed to highlight the importance and relevance of intercultural dialogue in building sustainable societies across the Euro Mediterranean Region. The panel entitled EuroMed Women for Dialogue set out to renew the images of women as agents for change, capable of dismantling gender stereotypes. 

Mr. Brezoiu participated in the second round table, discussing how intercultural dialogue supports the endeavors and practices changing attitudes and prejudices towards women. As such, the conclusion of #GenderIDTalks was presented as a case study of such a phenomenon. An initiative of GEYC, Anka Youth Association, and Association La Voix de l’Enfant Rural (AVER) in the framework of the ALG Virtual Marathon for Dialogue in the EuroMed, GenderID Talks gathered policymakers, activists, civil society actors, and Academia during four panels, in June. “With GenderID Talks, we uncovered the cross-sectorial, cross-cultural dimension of gender, tackling four crucial issues”. Mr. Brezoiu underscored how the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing context affected the struggle for women’s rights but also sparked initiatives in the EuroMed. GenderID Talks promoted gender equality, in the sense of raising awareness on the topic of Women and gender stereotypes. Participants and the audience were empowered towards meaningful civic, economic, social, and cultural participation. They were inspired by the challenges and success stories of women entrepreneurs in the business sector and observed how narratives on genders influence society’s perceptions. Consequently, recommendations to create a culture of gender equality were discussed, and, finally, on the 22d of June, GenderID Talks affirmed the importance of citizens’ participation to tackle gender stereotypes, especially that of young people using digital tools.

As Gabriel Brezoiu concluded, #GenderIDTalks denouement was the acknowledgment of intercultural dialogue’s potential for future development. It creates a platform where, drawing from similarities as well as differences, robust and sustainable good practices can be written, and adapted to a diversity of contexts. Mr. Brezoiu furthermore insisted on the necessity to enact statements: Discourse on gender is not enough, we must take action. In 2019, GEYC adopted a Sustainable Development Policy, with a strong pillar on gender equality guaranteeing governance principles such as gender balance. 

As the two hours long enlightening discussion ended, the panelists agreed on a set of recommendations to create gender-equal communities in the EuroMed region: 

  • To adopt legislation protecting Womens’ rights 
  • To raise awareness on the issue through campaigns making use of new media 
  • To sanction  sexist communication and advertising
  • To invest in gender equality education in primary and secondary education 
  • To foster the individual presence of women in leadership positions, and in the sectors where they are underrepresented 

The closing remarks highlighted the significance of partnerships in leading the fight for equality. With #GenderIDTalks, GEYC, together with Prisma European Network, Anka Youth Association, and Association la Voix de l’Enfant Rural (AVER), such a requirement was met.