Engaging European Citizens in Shaping the Future of Europe: The EuroChangeMakers Project


EuroChangeMakers, a project funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens," where the lead partner was GEYC Romania, one of PRISMA`s member organization, together with different other partners (e.g.: K.A.N.E, Geoclube - Associação Juvenil, MOJO DE CAÑA and others) took place between March 2021 and September 2022. The project aimed to engage more than 300 citizens from 18 participating countries in National Civic Hackathons to discuss and propose solutions for the future of Europe. Additionally, the project created an informal network of 100 young EuropeanChangeMakers (ECM) from all participating countries, who published multimedia materials through social media feeds using the #euroCM hashtag. The final activity was a European Civic Hackathon in which over 200 participants from 33 countries came together to propose concrete solutions for the future of Europe.

The project's main objective was to engage citizens in discussing and proposing solutions to the future of Europe. It accomplished this through National Civic Hackathons, which were implemented in various directions: green, social, and digital. These hackathons gathered 550 participants from 18 participating partner countries. The ECMs were responsible for publishing multimedia materials on social media platforms, creating an informal network that promoted the project's objectives. The final activity, the European Civic Hackathon, gathered over 200 participants from 33 countries, and the proposals were included in a White Paper, published and disseminated to relevant policy-makers.

EuroChangeMakers achieved a significant outcome in bringing citizens from different countries together to propose solutions for the future of Europe. The project created an informal network of 100 young EuropeanChangeMakers who used digital storytelling to spark conversations in their communities. It also organized a European Civic Hackathon that resulted in a White Paper containing concrete solutions to the challenges Europe faces. Through these activities, the project was successful in promoting active citizenship and creating a platform for citizens to express their opinions and engage with their communities.

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