Empowering Youth - Civic Debate Club


What is it?

Civic Debate Club is a project that has wishes to provide youth workers and youth organisations the knowledge and skills to help the young generation become one of civically engaged, active citizens and greater leaders. It aims to achieve this by applying the (good) practices of civic debates in their youth work.

The core objectives of the projects are:

  • Removing the obstacles that prevent youngsters from actively engaging wit hand participating in local governance, EU democrating processes and that cause the exclusion of youth on the grounds of social injustices and, as a consequence, fewer opportunities;
  • Promoting active citizenship and social responsability amongst the young generations;
  • Fostering mutual understanding through networking, inclusivity and consttuctive engagement;
  • Encouraging youngsters to take part in activities and to advocate via practical applications of digital youth work strategies;
  • Raising awareness of active citizenship and civic responsability within the youth work sector and amongst policy-makers and funders

The project was founded by five NGOs from four European countries:

  • GEYC Association – Romania;
  • Youth for Equality – Slovakia;
  • European Dialogue – Slovakia;
  • The Future Now Association – Bulgaria;
  • University of Peloponnese – Greece


Who is it built for?

As previously stated, the project is build mainly for two main groups. Firstly, there are the ones using it as a teaching tool, the youth workers and organisations. Secondly, there’s the youth, for whom Civic Debate Club should be a learning tool and opportunity.


What does it provide?

The portal has already uploaded as many as 20 infographics and videos regarding topics such as active citizens fund, social engagement or interest in voting in the EU. The materials are built in such a way that they would be accessible for young people and easily understandable (as much as the topic at hand allows it).

As part of the accessibility factor, the main site, as well as some of the materials (infographic and videos) also come translated into the official languages of the home countries of the founding organisations (Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek and Slovak).

The content already uploaded provides a great opportunity for young people to enter the world of civic and social engagement and voting and to get better educated on the topics.

Additionally, more materials are expected to be uploaded on the site, as representatives from the founding organisations took part in a mobility in Athens where they worked on creating more video content for the portal. So you should expect the learning experience not to come to an end just yet.

For more information and to access the materials, go to the official Civic Debate Club site.