EFYL Seminar: Tomorrow's Leaders


The Third Edition of the European Fellowship on Youth Leadership (EFYL) Program organized by GEYC Association, and designed for Romanian youths aged between 18 and 30, has recently commenced. The program's launch coincides with the heightened demand for specific leadership competencies predicted by the World Economic Forum's 2024 report. These competencies encompass analytical thinking, creative thinking, resilience, flexibility and agility, self-awareness and motivation, lifelong learning, and curiosity. Initiated in 2017 as a pilot edition, the program has since evolved to its current format. 

Running from August 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024 (spanning 9 months), the first phase of the program, "Bootcamp," recently unfolded in Iași. This residential training course was structured to cover a comprehensive array of subjects including leadership, teamwork, non-formal education methodologies, strategies for social inclusion, and much more. The program attracted 23 participants who underwent an intensive leadership training program. The curriculum included a range of subjects, such as the role of leaders in intercultural settings, essential concepts of intercultural communication, and so forth. 

The EFYL program continues with Job Shadowing starting in September, an opportunity for participants to learn from experienced group leaders in Youth Exchanges, sustaining the spirit of growth and knowledge sharing that EFYL embodies.