BUILD BACK BETTER and the way forward



On the 15th of April, PRISMA held BUILD BACK BETTER, A Networking Event for Youth Organizations. 

With more than 70 organizations registered and 28 participating in the workshop, PRISMA is proud to say that the event was a success, coinciding with the celebration of the Network’s 6th Anniversary.



Prisma European Network stayed true to its founding principle: action was linked to effect with the publication of PRISMA’s Guide to Social Impact, a rulebook designed for CSOs willing to face the challenge of positive change. Co-authored by 31 contributors, the Guide gives concrete recommendations on how to meet the needs of the Youth in a post-pandemic context, to achieve social impact. 

With PrismaEU Talks, PRISMA mediated a perceptive discussion on the new Erasmus+ Programme and European Solidarity Corps, shedding light on their priorities. Answering questions from fellow organizations, the live event exposed how to lead the digital and green transition. 

The first deadlines of the new Programmes are looming on the horizon. PRISMA is eager to learn from participants and fellow CSOs benefiting from the conclusions of BUILD BACK BETTER.

Listen to PrismaEU Talks, get an in-depth clarification of the Erasmus+ Programme or European Solidarity Corps and align your projects with the Commission’s priorities. Read, use and document PRISMA’s Guide to Social Impact in your project proposals to design impactful programmes that will be worth funding in a post-pandemic context. Join PRISMA, the Network strong of 23 member organizations, and benefit from their competencies, good practices, and partnership opportunities.