RAN Families, Communities & Social Care Working Group meeting – Support for first-line practitioners working on P/CVE Hotlines and Helplines 15-16 September 2020 (13.00-17.00).


This digital meeting will take place via Microsoft Teams Call for participants Practitioners who operate helplines, hotlines or other types of online consultancy offers and who can share their experience on how to work on this issue are invited to react to this call for participants.


Furthermore, we are looking for professionals who are in charge of the (initial) training of help/hotline workers and practitioners working with family support/social work and/or work in communities who have experience with help and hotlines.


In order to find the best suited participants, please answer the following questions:

•           What is your experience with help and hotlines in P/CVE?

•           Can you share a good example from your practice related to hot/helplines and P/CVE (online or telephone)?

•           What are the main challenges you encounter in this type of counselling/mentoring?


Are there any specific challenges related to the Covid-19 period?

Did you adjust your approach in this period?


What specific topic would you like to see addressed during this meeting?



Deadline If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please elaborate on these questions.


Send your answers to Fenna Keijzer and Anja Rockel no later than 31 August.


We will invite participants based on this information.


Please keep in mind that we have a limited number of places available, so participation is not guaranteed. Background and aim of the meeting


The goal of this meeting is to gather recent insights on help and hotlines in the context of radicalisation concerns or returnee cases, in order to map if and how challenges, needs and approaches of practitioners in this field have evolved.


The number of such online and telephone help and hotlines has increased in efforts to counter radicalisation, often serving as the first point of contact for concerned family members, friends, community members and professionals. The deliverable of this meeting is an overview of the specific needs and challenges for this category of practitioners (including relations and communication with authorities/police/other actors).


The meeting will also provide recommendations for first-line practitioners working with telephone and online work in P/CVE.


During the meeting, participants will discuss their challenges and elaborate on specific recommendations for online and telephone consultancy by addressing the following questions: •   What are the challenges and needs of first-line practitioners working on help/hotlines? Have these needs and challenges evolved in recent years (particularly in relation to the Covid-19 situation) and would this require a change in approach?

•           What knowledge, skills and training should practitioners have in operating online or via telephone in order to respond to the challenges above?


What are the success stories in terms of online or help/hotline support?


  • How to work together/communicate with other institutions (i.e. specialised family support organisations, religious counselling, security services, etc.)
  • how can a “caller” case successfully be mentored and transferred to relevant key actors?
  • The meeting will be held online in English.


If you have any further questions, contact Fenna Keijzer and Anja Rockel