On the 18th of April, we celebrate Prisam European Network's 6th Anniversary! 

PRISMA has come a long way since its creation in 2015, in Cluj Napoca. The network started as a complex KA1 mobility project, aiming to empower youth workers, leaders, and project managers from 12 countries.

Prisma European Network is still committed to the same objective in 2021, along with 23 Member Organizations. In March, its Nominee, Alexandru Constantin-Manda was celebrated as the Young European of the Year by the Schwarzkopf Foundation. In May 2021, more than 60 Organizations from across the globe registered in BUILD BACK BETTER. After the pandemic, the success of Europe's recovery will be determined by a capacity to mitigate the effects of social and economic crises. Projects and initiatives such as those developed by Prisma European Network will support this ability. 



PRISMA, together with its Member Organization, is ready to meet the incoming challenges of climate change, social inclusion, and digital transformation by promoting quality standards across Europe for social impact.

On the 20th of April, PRISMA's Guide to Social Impact will be published, endowing CSOs with concrete tools on how to achieve such endeavors. The Guide will launch Prisma European Network into a future of heightened commitment for the Youth.